“All Dreams Must Pass….”
Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Dan Jurgens

Morgan is trying to reconcile with Tara and finding it hard. She is still angry at Morgan for always leaving but she still loves him. While riding Morgan is attacked by a tornado but manages to survive. The tornado was caused by the mysterious black crow who is revealed to be the witch Saaba. Saaba holds a grudge over Morgan destroying the Eye of Shakakhan back in issue #16. She needs help though in her revenge and finds just the ally in Lord Saber-tooth.

Lord Saber-tooth leads the armies of New Atlantis in searching for Morgan and Krystovar for their part in destroying the beast making machine. Saaba tells him that Morgan is in Shamballah. After conquering their ally Khaambuka they march on the city. Morgan meanwhile is with Krystovar in the old computer complex underground. They find that the computer system has been slowly rebooting itself. It is functional enough to read the cartridge that Morgan found in the weapons cave. It is a record of an Air Force lieutenant from 300 years in the future. Before they can explore this further Morgan must rally the defenses of Shamballah.

The New Atlantian army has arrived and they are armed with laser canon and excellent armor. The city quickly falls and Morgan leads Tara with some survivors through the underground complex to fight another day.

Well a lot happened in the issue. It was fully devoted to the Warlord which was what this story needed. A major plot development with the New Atlantean invasion and conquest of Shamballah. Now Morgan is a fugitive with his estranged mate which does conveniently keeps them together in adventuring. This was just a brilliant direction for the series and I looked forward to future developments.

It was great that Burkett was showing that he actually was a fan of the series. He brought back a minor character in Shaaba. She was a one issue appearance back in the early days. Her use made sense and was a welcome addition. Also the computer complex below the city and the awkward love triangle with Greamore. The guy really shows that he understands the concept of the Warlord. Oh and that deepening mystery with the Air Force involved with ancient Atlantis. Good things are happening with this series.

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