“He Ain’t Heavy…”
Writer: Mike Carlin
Artists: Paul Neary and Marie Severin

Ka-zar, Shanna and Zabu are heading back home to the Savage Land. While they are traveling both envision their futures in the form of old sitcoms. Ka-zar Knows Best, I Love Shanna, Leave It To Ka-zar and The Honeysavages. Meanwhile Parnival Plunder aka the Plunderer is back in the Savage Land to loot it of its anti-metal. He runs into a tribe and gets the young members hooked on a portable video game. He promises them new batteries if they can find the anti-metal.

Ka-zar and company come home to their treehouse and find Parnival has taken up residence. Ka-zar is not happy to see his brother but Shanna convinces him to let him stay. He is after all family. So Ka-zar agrees as long as he does all the work which Parnival is more than happy to do. He is in fact bidding his time until the natives can find the anti-metal which they do at the end.

So this was an offbeat issue. You have the dream sequences of them in the old classic sitcoms. Sort of an interesting idea. I am sort of neutral on this issue. Didn’t really like it or hate it. Ka-zar’s brother is back and up to no good. I don’t think you can have a Ka-zar series without his evil brother coming around to cause trouble. I love the old portable video games used to addict the tribesmen. Q-bert. This does date the issue but brings back a bit of nostalgia. Those games back then were addictive.

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