“Do Do That Voodoo!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Howard and Bev are in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. They get into a fight and Bev goes off to talk to other men. During this time a guy in a duck mask has his henchmen kidnap Bev for a sacrifice to a duck deity. Howard gets into a fight with some loudmouth and is rescued by Mammy Tuba. She has a number of animals that can speak and she is a witch. She offers to help Howard by giving him a book on voodoo and some supplies. He then goes after The Dark Talon in Le Mort Bayou. Dark Talon actually wanted Howard and has been waiting for him. Howard uses the voodoo doll to cause pain in Black Talon by poking it with a needle. He also calls up zombie ducks to attack. Black Talon calls up the duck deity who is not happy with Black Talon. He kills Black Talon for all the ducks that were sacrificed.

“Heavy Business in a Mediocre Motel!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Howard and Bev are staying at a dumpy motel. Here both get in an argument over Howard’s attitude. Bev goes into the bathroom and Howard is in the main room. Both have conversations with their image in the mirror. Their mirror images both argue from them to break off the relationship. Howard decides to not take the advice and apologize but its too late. Bev breaks it off and kicks Howard out.

“The Linoleum Lizard”
Writer: Steve Skeates
Artists: Gene Colan & Ricardo Villamonte

Howard is now in Chicago after breaking up with Bev. He gets in the middle of a gunfight and wakes up in the office of private eye Dirk Byrd. A woman comes looking for Byrd and mistakes Howard for him. She drags him off to a mansion. There with here obnoxious sister and creepy butler Howard discovers the murdered body of the real Dirk Byrd. None of the inhabitants think anything of the dead body and Howard is taken to the mother. She wears a Deborah Harry mask and wants Howard to find her sons. She feels her daughters aren’t worth the inheritance. Her sons are one person with two heads.

Howard decides that these people are too weird and plans to get as far away as possible. Then he discovers the Linoleum Lizard Bar. This was a clue that Byrd left behind. After an altercation with a phony two headed guy Howard figures out the whole scheme. He goes back and the creepy butler is actually the two-headed son in disguise. He was there to bump off his two sisters and when Byrd discovered to truth he killed him.

“Howard The Duck: Homeward Bound”
By Steven Grant

An article on Howard’s origin and how he got his own series. I found it kind of interesting.

So this is the last magazine issue for Howard the Duck. The reasons given were many but it was stated that Howard would move back to the color comic line. The magazine run started out with some ups and downs. Bill Mantlo had some preachy and confusing stories in the beginning but was getting better and better. Since the Duckworld issue this series has been consistently enjoyable. Except for the loathsome Street Peeples I have enjoyed it and sorry that it came to an end. Howard the Duck is one really off the wall creation. Yet there was some enjoyable satire from everything about society. I will have to some day check out the color comic series.

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