“The Lurker Beneath the Earth!”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artists: Marie & John Severin

At a gladiatorial game the Count Ducalon the dwarf is knocked into the arena with a giant bear. Kull jumps in to save him. Another man also jumps in and saves Kull from the bear. Zarkus is a wanderer who was delivering scrolls to the royal librarian. The librarian believes he has found the lost city of Qar. It is underneath the City of Wonders. Tu the royal councilor tells how an evil mage used the underground to poison the city’s wells. Kull decides there is no reward to finding the city and refuses to mount an expedition.

The librarian uses a flute to call a giant worm to life. Its presence once again poisons the city’s wells and forces Kull to mount an expedition. So Kull, Brule and the Red Slayers journey into the sewers along with the librarian and Zarkus. They find the city and the giant worm. The worm is killed and set afire. The librarian is killed by Zarkus when he finds the librarian playing the flute. Zarkus is killed by the flowers that destroyed the civilization and Kull wonders what happened to the city and Zarkus.

Another interesting entry in the Kull saga. I loved that they traveled under the city to this old ancient city. They find and kill a giant worm thing. A very fascinating and atmospheric story. Zarkus seemed to be a character with possibilities. The writer though decided to kill him off this issue. The city has the possibilities for unexplored mysteries and adventure so maybe it will be back.


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