“But I Don’t Want To Go Back To The Savage Land!”
Writer: Mike Carlin
Artist: Paul Neary

Ka-zar is throwing a fit because he was banished from the Savage Land. He then notices that some pterons are burning effigies of him and Shanna. So he goes out the window and beats them up. In the struggle a burning torch ends up burning down the couples place. So the next morning he goes to the peace council and presents the beat up pterons. Then he throws another tantrum and stalks off in a huff.

It is now that Dherk reminds the others of the first Pangean War. Centuries ago the Atlanteans found an abandoned cavern full of advanced technology from an unknown race that was creating the Savage Land we know today. They also find specimens of animals preserved from past times. So the Atlanteans create an amusement park. They also do genetic experiments and create the animal men. These animal men are employed as workers in the amusement park.

Well the animal men are treated like slaves. A bird-man named Tilbrok dies while defending a young ape-girl that was being attacked. Later the animal-men are locked up as the Atlanteans plan to automate the park. During the night an image of Tilbrok visits and the animal-men revolt. They win their freedom and the Atlanteans terraform Pangea.

Peace is at hand for Pangea while Ka-zar, Shanna and Zabu head back to the Savage Land. They are ambushed by Phangor the leader of the pterons. Ka-zar gets one more ass kicking in before he leaves Pangea.

This was a fascinating issue with the history of Pangea. I liked the idea of slave labor at an amusement park rising up in revolt. This was a good idea in explaining the history of Pangea and how it came to be populated by such a diverse people. The only thing I didn’t care for was that Ka-zar was such a whinny baby. I have seen two year olds act with more maturity. This was not the personality of Ka-zar that has been established. Hopefully the new writer will move away from this.

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