“The Grey Panther”
Writer: Bill Mantlio
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Howard and Bev are hitchhiking and get a ride from a colorful old man in his modified Model T. He takes them to Miami and when he hears they need jobs takes them to a rest home. The Wake No More nursing home run by Gerry Atric. He gives the two jobs as aids. In reality Gerry Atric is the Grey Panther. A man obsessed with power to take over Miami and put the young people in their place. He kidnaps the under 30 attendants and forces them to play shuffleboard, rock, knit and gum down low sodium slosh. Howard is helped by one of the residents who is secretly working for the Social Security Administration. Appears Atric is misappropriating the residents Social Security checks. In the end the Grey Panther is felled by a heart attack.

“How the Duck Got His Pants”
By Steven Gerber

An article on the myths and facts of why Disney forced some changes on Howard so he wouldn’t look like Donald Duck. This included putting on pants. An interesting article.

“Ducktective Comics”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Marshall Rogers

Howard and Bev are enjoying themselves at the beach when a shark attacks. Howard stuffs a beach ball in the sharks mouth which when he bits down propels him away. Howard is now a hero and a man named Spruce Payne offers the two a job. He sells a Super-Scent that supposedly is the sweat of super heroes. He puts on a show at the Mammoth Mall where Duck-man and Duck-girl battle the supervillains The Jokester, Puffin and Quizling. It is a hit and he sells the potion for $20 an ounce. Later while doing the books he finds out that his supervillains are embezzling from him. They kill Spruce Payne and frame Howard and Bev for the crime. Now as Duck-man and Duck-girl the two battle these villains and the Maller to clear their name.

“Best Friends”
Writer: Lynn Greame
Artist: Ned Sonntag

Something is going on with the Street Peeple. Cheyenne meets a childhood friend and the gang go out to the suburbs for a party. Something happens but I have absolutely no clue whats going on. This feature is pure shit.

I absolutely loved this issue except for Street Peeple. The first with the Grey Panther and his goofy machines that were forcing the young to do what they made the residents do is just hilarious. Maybe I am getting old but I love it when the under 30 get their comeuppance.

The second was a Bat-man spoof and it was obvious what villains the trio were spoofing. There is even equipment like the Duckarang and a Duckmobile. An old VW with a bill in front at looks more like a penis then a duck bill. I think Bill Mantlo is finally getting the hang of what this series should be about. Just sheer goofyness and fun.

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