“Of Dice and Ducks!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Gene Colan

Howard and Bev find themselves back on Earth in the Florida swamps. It is here they run into the Man-Thing. The Man-Thing is drawn to the emotions of these two. Emotions that for Bev turn to fear and anything fears the Man-Thing burns. Luckily she faints and the fear goes away but the Man-Thing still picks up Bev and carries her away. Howard is knocked unconscious and later awakens in time to escape an alligator.

In searching for Bev he sees them go to a town that has been designed to look like the board game Monopoly. When Howard arrives at the toll kiosk he is given $200 and a little race car to use. Large dice roll a three and he breaks down at Baltic Avenue. The owner a blind blues critic sells the property for $100 and the race car. All the while the little men in suits appear and give him community chest or chance cards. One is to go to jail and he finds the chief architect for this town known as Swamp City. The man tells how the developer who became a gorilla named Kong Lomerate foreclosed all the property.

Howard stages a prison break and continues on to find Bev at a house. Man-Thing brought Bev to a young girl in a wheel chair who is the daughter of the architect. Man-Thing has developed a bond and helps them to reunite her with her father and find her mother. The trail leads to Boardwalk where Kong Lomerate has brainwashed the mother with all the consumer goods. A big battle ensues that sees Man-Thing defeat Kong and free the inhabitants of Swamp City. In gratitude they give Howard and Bev some money. But the money is phony play money so the Greyhound bus driver throws them off and they are forced to walk to Miami.

“Duck of Many Faces”
By Bill Mantlo

A portfolio of several artist that submitted drawing of Howard and Bev. Marie Severin did The Cheap Ducktective. A sort of Noir detective picture. John Byrne King Duk’s Tomb. An Egyptian mummy scene. Marshall Rogers Duckman a parody of Batman. Walt Simonson Snailian. A take on the Alien movie. Howie Chaykin Fred ‘N Ginger. A Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers look.

“Dynamite Baby!!”
Writer: Lynn Graeme
Artist: Ned Sonntag

Riff is still pretending amnesia so he can stay at the Street Peeple’s place because he has a crush on Cheyenne. Qwami gets involved in a plot to blow up the Bank of the United States.

Ok so Howard and Bev are back and find themselves in one weird place. I really liked this story with its use of a giant town based on Monopoly. Combined with the Man-Thing it was a very surreal issue but quite interesting. An enjoyable story for Howard’s adventures back on Earth and these are the stories that I enjoy. Looks like Bill Mantlo is getting the hang of writing for Howard.

The art portfolio was just some beautifully drawn renditions of Howard and Bev to the various cultural icons of the time.

Finally Street Peeple was just a stinking pile of crap. Characters you could care less about, incomprehensible plot and poor drawing. I suppose that was the sixties in a nutshell.

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