“Twisted Corridors”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Armando Gil

Buth finds Ka-zar unconscious and Shanna insane. So he ties up Shanna and has Zabu watch over her while he takes Ka-zar back to Aerie Shalan. There Derk uses Atlantean technology to heal Ka-zar. Shanna is a different matter altogether. She is going insane and only by traveling into her mind can she be saved. So Derk, Buth, Ka-zar and Zabu enter her mind’s consciousness through Atlantean science. Shanna’s mind is real to our travelers and they must fight off her inner demons. They include a demon Ramon Courtland and a dragon Leanne. Shanna has guilt that anybody she loves she had something to do with their deaths. Ka-zar gets trapped in flames by the dragon Leanne and Shanna comes out of her locked tower to rescue him thus healing her mind.

This was a fascinating story. Bruce Jones excels at such offbeat psychological stories. It is a surreal journey through Shanna’s mind and her life. We see all the tragedy that has befallen her before she met Ka-zar. An issue heavy with dialogue and exposition. Also many small panels to tell the story. This worked for the story being told. So now it looks like Ka-zar, Shanna and Zabu are safe and sound back home. A satisfying ending to all the wild hardships with the New York/Ramona/A.I.M story.

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