“The Dead Who Walk”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Ron Frenz & Armando Gil

Ka-zar has had enough of being a slave to Ramona Starr. Ramona is not happy and knocks him out with the chip implanted in his brain. So Ka-zar wakes up on a plane bound for New York. Its carrying the last sample of the explosive formula salvaged from Schreiber’s base. Ramona has decided to get rid of Ka-zar. So first she has a bound Zabu tossed out then Ka-zar. Ka-zar manages to grab hold of her foot as she tries to stamp his hand. This knocks her back into the explosive formula which blows up the plane.

So Ka-zar and Zabu survive their twenty thousand foot fall and have to fight off the sharks. Luckily a pair of good humor fishermen happen by to rescue them. So Ka-zar makes his way to Peter Parker’s apartment since he knows that Peter is Spider-man. He demands to see Shanna. Peter refuses to tell him since Shanna has been committed to a psych ward. Seems she is not handling Ka-zar’s death well and going crackers. When a nosy neighbor comes to complain Ka-zar finds a note that tells him where Shanna is. So he sneaks off to the hospital. When he gets there the room is empty and Spider-man is waiting. Spider-man insists that for Ka-zar to see Shanna could cause her to go completely bananas. Ka-zar doesn’t care and the story ends with the two set to have a major smackdown.

“My Brother’s Killer!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Val Mayerik

Zabu is recovering from his wounds by feeding on the vultures that came to eat him. A man-ape from Maa-gor’s tribe sees him and goes back to tell Maa-gor. This does not make him happy and so with a dazed Ka-zar in tow goes to the spot where he left Zabu for dead. When they get there Maa-gor decides to let his adopted son Ka-zar kill Zabu. So a dazed Ka-zar charges with spear upraised.

Well this was a wild ride. Ka-zar and Zabu have to be some real bad-asses to survive being pushed out of a plane over the ocean. Then fighting off a swarm of sharks. Ramona Starr finally got her just deserts and serves her right for being so cocky. Poor Shanna is going bonkers and stuck in an A.I.M. run hospital. Ka-zar is back and getting ready to fight Spider-man. What a wild ride this issue was.

The Tales of Zabu back-up is continuing on. They are short but good. Ends with a cliffhanger. We obviously know how it turns out. I mean there are over seventy plus issue of an adult Ka-zar with Zabu. What we don’t know is why and that will have to wait for the next issue.

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