“The Mark”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Dan Jurgens

Jennifer is using her magic to find a cure for Rostov and his lycanthropy. The first thing she has to do is go back and examine Rostov’s past. So using a magic crystal she shows the group how his condition started. It is 1899 Russia and a young Cossack named Mikhail Ivanovich Rostov is visiting a Gypsy camp. Here he falls madly in love with a beautiful Gypsy woman named Gitana. He fight her man for possession and wins. Later while riding he is ambushed and shot in the back. After killing his assailant he makes it back to Gitana barely alive. She uses her Gypsy magic which includes rituals with wolf’s blood to bring him back. So the two get married and she is expecting twins. The twins are born one cold winter night and one is a wolf child. Rostov takes it outside and jumps over a cliff with it. The normal girl grows up and marries. She eventually has a son and passes the defective genes to. That son is Rostov.

“The City in the Sands”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

Jinal and Skinner are heading to his city with the captured vehicle when they are ambushed by a giant badger. The two escape and hide out in some nearby caves where they find something incredible but not shared with the readers. So the two make it to Skinner’s city and Jinal is not happy. The garrison has total regressed and is no longer a functional base. She is taken to meet the council and already seems to have made an enemy of the hot brunette who is on it. The meeting is interrupted by a catapult blast to the tower by a large army of lizard-men.

So this issue we explore Mikhail Rostov and his werewolf condition. We get the story behind it and its a fascinating tale of love and tragedy. This is Rostov’s story and it is a good interlude after all the action with the Evil One. Sort of a leisurely rest and yet continues to tell a very good story. Also shows how adept Jennifer has become with magic.

The Barren Earth continues and we get to see an actual human settlement. As expected its fallen to disrepair and the humans no longer even remember the war with the Qlov or that a civilization exists beyond the stars. This is also a sort of break from the action to give the reader time to catch his breath but still give us a very interesting story. In this case it also introduces a possible conflict that Jinal will have with the brunette chick. There is a hint of some mysterious wonder and ends on a cliffhanger with a large lizard-man army attacking the city.

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