“Fray of the Gods part IV”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

The Sage and Minstrel are traveling and notice that there are a lot of people on the move. They find out about the Star God and decide to visit. So at Ombolo Groo is once again eating everyone out of their home. But King Cuffi has to keep feeding Groo otherwise he starts to slay his army. King Saffi decides to quit waiting around for Groo to bring back his treasury and marches the army on Ombolo to recover it himself. This allows his subjects to quit building his tomb. They decide to tear it down and go home to their families.

So Saffi’s army is attacked by Groo but Saffi manages to convince Groo to instead attack King Cuffi’s army. When Cuffi hears this he decides to mobilize more men so goes to the canyon so his amplified voice will carry to his subjects. The gods meanwhile are in an uproar. The Star God is becoming all powerful and the older gods are fading. It is hear that Groo comes to the valley to fight that echo that was mocking him. He gets into an argument with Cuffi who in an angry outburst calls Groo dumb just like his followers for believing in the made up Star God. His followers hear and in anger revolt and tear down the Star God temples. The Star God fades because nobody believes in him anymore and the other gods are back to normal. Cuffi and Saffi get into a fist fight as their armies decide to call it quits and go home. The Sage manages after only fifteen times to explain an echo to Groo and the world goes on as normal.

So Cuffi found out as many others have that you can’t use Groo without serious consequences. The old gods are now safe and everybody except the two brothers are going on with their lives. It this case Groo was responsible although he was also responsible for all the trouble so I guess it evens out. This was another enjoyable Groo series with plenty of humor and social commentary. I do love Groo and look forward to the next series.


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