“Shanna the Savage!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Fon Frenz & Mel Candido

Ka-zar is dead and Shanna is mourning. Peter Parker takes her back home to look after her. It is here that she receives the news that Zabu is dead. Shanna goes nuts and hijacks a taxi and drives to the zoo with the police in hot pursuit. At the zoo she learns that Ramona Cortland is responsible for killing Zabu and releases the animals in the cages. The police manage to subdue her and lock her up in a straight jacket at Bellvue.

Spider-man breaks her out and takes her back to Peter’s place. When he changes back to Peter he finds out that Shanna has taken off again. She goes to the apartment of the Cortlands so she can kill Ramona. She tries to kill Ramona but its an impostor in a wig. Dr. Cortland comes back and shoots Shanna. They leave the apartment with Shanna apparently shot dead.

Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Val Mayerik

Zabu and Ka-zar are falling from the cliff of the pterandon. They go into the river and Zabu drags the unconscious Ka-zar out. Zabu steps into a trap that pins his paw to the ground. It was set by Maa-gor and he is there ready to spear the pinned Zabu.

So this issue is all about Shanna. She even gets the title changed to her name with the caption that Ka-zar is dead. We get to see a grieving Shanna and the emotions displayed from anger to sadness is quite realistic and genuine. Peter Parker/Spider-man does a good job of being a friend to Shanna in her time of need. Shanna’s anger is indeed savage as she takes her anger out on the city. Some humor as a frightened taxi cab driver tells the police when they arrive that it only takes one wheel to take a corner.

It ends with the attempted assassination of Ramona who is replaced by an impostor and Dr. Cortland shooting her dead. There is something definitely off about the Cortlands. So all the main characters Ka-zar, Shanna and Zabu are dead. There is a next issue but they won’t show the upcoming cover so it does leave one wondering what is next. I kind of doubt anyone is dead but this is an excellent way to continue the suspense.

The Tales of Zabu was another short installment but very effective. Another cliffhanger for our heroes to get out of. This has been a good little backup feature. Short and to the point with an ending that leaves the reader wanting more.


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