“Fray of the Gods Part III”
Writer: Mark Evanier”
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Tragedy has befallen the village of Ombolo. Groo is eating all the food and now the residents are starving. To make matters worse Groo is wrecking the construction of the temple with his offers to help. Cuffi the Star God is at the moment more worried about increasing his worshipers so he can have more slave labor and taxes. He gets an idea and summons Groo. He convinces Groo to go on a quest for him. Along with an entourage that he provides. The people are overjoyed that Groo is leaving and attribute it to the Star God.

So Groo and his entourage travels far and wide. His emissary who travels with Groo comes to a village and tells them they should go to Ombolo and seek the protection of the Star God because Groo has come to settle forever in their village. Naturally they panic and abandon the village for Ombolo. Now the Star God is becoming more and more powerful much to the fear of the other gods.

The third installment of this mini-series is pretty funny. The Star God seems well on the way toward becoming the only god thanks to Groo. Still this is Groo we are talking about and nobody has ever had much success in using him without it blowing up in their faces. I have no doubt that the final issue will be a fun an enjoyable ending to the rise of the Star God.


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