Writers: David Walker and Tim Seeley
Artist: Fernando Dagnino

So we are back in the far future just before the Omega bomb went off. Caesar is working with his parents on how to save the world when General Ursus comes. He needs Zira to help interrogate another talking human. She finds out that its Tarzan. Tarzan attacks Ursus when he threatens Zira and Caesar also comes to the rescue. Dr. Milo meets his alternate self. He apparently has done this many times and all have ended the same. He decides to kill his alternate self and then kill Zira and Cornelius.

So Tarzan, Caesar, Zira and Cornelius flee into the forbidden zone. Coming on is Ursus and the gorilla army. Tarzan and Caesar attack and are joined by humans. Dr. Milo is dragged up after being captured in his failed assassination attempt and talks of how both humans and apes are beasts destined to destroy themselves. Tarzan and Caesar disagree and believe that because of their strong bond they can avert the destruction of Earth. They may be right for at the end the mutants in New York are viewing this and are moved enough not to launch the bomb.

So the final ending and the story comes full circle. They are back in the far future and this time manage to save the world. A very optimistic outcome to a Planet of the Apes story. They usually end in the opposite. So time has finally found a combination that averts the destruction of the planet. This was a very enjoyable story. I didn’t know what to expect from this wild combination of characters but it was handled well. It stayed true to both creations and came to a happy ending.


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