Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Dan Jurgens

The Kaash’ban have opened a portal in time and sent Rostov through it. Morgan reacts by swinging from a vine into the portal after him. Shakira comes along and once the two enter the portal Shakira continues through while Morgan is spit back out. Shakira meets up with Rostov and finds out that he agreed to be sent back. When he finds out that it is where he wanted to go he is elated. Unfortunately the two have to deal with a fire-breathing dragon that wants to make them a meal. They are saved by a centaur named Erin Shadowstorm. He agrees to take the two with him. In the present Morgan finds out that Rostov was on a medallion showing him fighting the Evil One. He continues on to his daughters castle.

“The Long Trek”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

Five survivors are all that is left of the expedition to get the old garrisons ready on Earth. Now the group heads out for a city they saw while coming down. The group gets killed by an underground creature and a giant hermit crab. The final two are attacked by a tree with mouths for branches. Jinal Ne Comarr a minor member of the expedition is the only survivor and is confronted by a horde of giant salamander riding nomads.

The Warlord story is establishing that the action will take place back in Wizard World. Already Shakira and Rostov have a run in with its inhabitants. Erin Shadowstorm looks like a real interesting character and the revelation of Rostov destined to be a major player in defeating the Evil One point to an exciting story ahead.

The Barren Earth story was well done. It starts out with five characters and you never have any idea how it will end. Indeed the revelation that Jinal is the main protagonist was handled quite well. We establish that this future Earth is indeed one filled with danger. A short scene shows members from the garrison arriving at the abandoned ship and stripping it. They are not very civilized or friendly. It foreshadows that the garrisons left two thousand years ago may have fallen back to barbarism. This is the best back up story that appeared in Warlord.

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