“Fray of the Gods Part II”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

King Cuffi is shocked to find out that the screams of pain are not the peasants being put down by his army but his army being slaughtered by Groo. Indeed the rightful king Saffi is put back on the throne. He exiles his brother and gives Groo a feast for his help.

Well cleaver Cuffi manages to steal the treasury and buy the army off so he comes out not too bad. Meanwhile the people are celebrating that they will no longer have to slave over the temple. Groo makes a casual observation that the temple would make a great tomb for the current king Saffi. Saffi thinks that’s a great idea and re-enslaves the people to finish the temple which does not endear Groo to the people.

Cuffi finds another village and uses his wealth to buy the worship of its inhabitants. The Star God is back among the gods. Yet the gods can see that the belief in the Star God is fragile. Soon his people will see through the sham and abandon him. Whats worse is Groo has arrived sent by Saffi to get back the stolen treasury. Cuffi decides to use Groo to his own ends which bring endless mirth from the other gods for they know that using Groo will end in disaster.

Well it seems like no matter who is king the people get screwed. I guess some things never change. Anyway this is another wonderful entry in the Groo saga. The Star God Cuffi is heading for disaster. Even the gods can see that for one does say that “If not for Groo, mortals would have far less reason to pray to us.” In my experience even the gods can’t protect anyone from the disaster known as Groo.

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