Writers: David Walker and Tim Seeley
Artist: Fernando Dagnino

The humans and apes are attacked by raptors and now both Caesar and Tarzan fight together. They defeat them but not without losses including Tarzan’s cousin William. They come back to the Mangani city and find it in ruins. Mahars have come and killed Zira. The apes abandon the city in search of their new enemy. They find a group of men at a campfire. It is David Innes and some cavemen from Pellucidar. Suddenly the group is attacked by Mahars and Tarzan and Caesar’s apes come to the rescue.

They are also joined by another ape in an astronaut suit. This is Milo only a Milo from an alternate reality. He tells how the trips through time have opened portals in Pellucidar to other dimensions. The Mahars are going to use these portals to kidnap others for hosts to their offspring. Thus he leads the group through a portal back to Pellucidar to stop the Mahars plans.

So the third issue really took a wild turn that was unexpected. Mahars from Pellucidar and David Innes are introduced. Zira is killed and both Tarzan and Caesar have reconciled. That the story goes to Pellucidar shows that the writers are really imaginative. All the alternate realities open whole new possibilities of story ideas. This is one cool concept and I am loving this series.

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