“Cry Wolf!”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Jan Duursema

It is the aftermath of the conspiracy. Morgan is trying to adjust to his freedom by throwing himself into training the troops. The brief affair between Tara and Graemore seems to be over for now but the gossip about it continues. Tara decides not to tell Morgan. It is here Graemore has an idea. He has heard that a wolf pack is terrorizing farmers. He suggests a royal hunt. Something to get Morgan away from the pressures of the court.

So a hunt is formed and tracks are found. A small group has broken away and has a human with the pack. Morgan takes Graemore along to track this pack. They find Rostov running with this pack. He is knocked unconscious. Later with Rostov back to his senses we get the story. Rostove found that after the moon left while reverting to human form he still retained the wolf personality. Morgan suggest going to his daughter Jennifer. This drives a wedge between him and Tara because he is once again going off on adventures.

“Madmen and Mages”
Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Artist: Jan Duursema

Cachulha is heading off to rescue Arion from the sphere that holds him prisoner. He is attacked by Chaon the lord of chaos. Chaon reveals in madness and chaos and doesn’t want Arion to be rescued. After all Arion is fated to save the world. Cachulha is too powerful and a demon he created eats Chaon.

Well this issue is basically getting back to what the Warlord is all about. That is exploring and adventuring in the lost world of Skartaris. Rostov the Russian werewolf is introduced to give Morgan the reason to go off and escape the stifling life of the royal court. Naturally Tara can’t go because of her duties. This is a real relationship that these two have. They are so different and such different personalities seem to have broken them up from good. At the end as Morgan leaves he passes Graemore and both share a silent look. Its obvious that its Graemore conveying he told him so. So will Morgan lose Tara forever. I suppose time will tell but lets face it, Morgan has to be Morgan if we are to have an interesting story.

The Arion backup is sort of a filler. It shows a minor tussle between old Cachula and Chaon. This is because Arion will be getting his own title and this is the last installment for the Warlord backup. A great character and well deserved promotion. Someday this site will explore that title. So what replaces it? Probably the best backup this title has ever had.

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