“I’ll Take Manhattan”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Brent Anderson & Armando Gil

Ka-zar is being taken to New York after getting shot in the head. Miraculously he still tries to walk around but nobody is home upstairs. After the plane lands Ka-zar manages to get off and jump a train. It takes him into Manhattan where he rescues a couple from a gang that was mugging them. Then he saves a little girl from a fire. Meanwhile Shanna has trouble with the NYPD. They have taken Zabu the only one who can track Ka-zar and locked him up. Ramona Cortland the one who is responsible for shooting Ka-zar has plans of her own. She manages to break into prison and free Kraven the Hunter in helping her track down Ka-zar.

“Fly Now, Pay Later part II”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Val Mayerik

Zabu goes after the pterodactyl that carried off the young Ka-zar. He comes to a cliff and climbs the sheer side. Now he reaches the top and sees the pterodactyl about to feed Ka-zar to its young.

So the action moves to New York. This was a fun issue. Ka-zar is tough and even with a bullet in the head can still keep going. He manages to help people along the way. Shanna has to deal with the police bureaucracy and gets a tasteful dress. Ramona is a bit of a mystery. She has some very advanced skills in the way she manages to infiltrate the prison posing as a reporter. She uses some venom ring to knock out the warden and guards. There is more than meets the eye with her. So Kraven is back and we’ll get another confrontation with him.

The Tales of Zabu continues its story in an entertaining way. I love how Zabu’s thoughts are described. They are so funny and humanizing of the sabretooth. It’s a short story but packs a lot in. Really shows the determination and worry that Zabu is going through.


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