Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Groo is dead. Kayli has finally found her father the Minstrel but he is scheduled to be executed by the King of Debar. Kayli finds the Sage and he recommends that Chakaal help her. Meanwhile the word spreads that Groo is dead. Everyone that he has met in this series converges on Debar. Pal ‘N’ Drumm take the dead body of Groo and charge for people to slap it. Grooella decides its time to conquer the kingdom. Taranto comes to loot it. Granny Groo and her gypsies are there to rescue the Minstrel. So there is a big free for all in the kingdom. The Sage decides to test if Groo is really dead by holding up a bowl of cheese dip in front of his face. This wakes Groo up who then joins the fray.

Well the dumb king is deposed and forced to listen to music in the dungeon. The Minstrel is reunited with his daughter. He was separated from his family when drafted. After the war he found his home in ruins because of the war. Now reunited with his daughter they both go off to search for his wife.

The final issue in this epic twelve issue series. A very satisfying ending. Kayli was reunited with her father. Groo is not dead to the joy of Rufferto but the disappointment to everyone else. It brings back everyone that was in the series and gives them the ending they deserve. If has been a few years since Groo was published and this story was an excellent way to reintroduce the characters that populate this universe. There are two more series in the works and one will be explored next week. Hopefully Groo is here to stay.


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