Writers: David Walker and Tim Seeley
Artist: Fernando Dagnino

London 1907 and the bobbies are once again having to drag Tarzan from climbing the trees in the park. They take him to his cousin William Clayton. After some pleasantries with the ape servant he then has to talk to his angry cousin. Tarzan and William argue about taking apes as slaves. William is making a lot of money from this trade but also has trouble in fighting the apes. Milo who now calls himself Caesar is leading the fight against the humans in Africa. William wants Tarzan to go with him and negotiate some settlement.

So the two with an expedition head off to Africa. There they are ambushed and captured by Caesar and his Mangani. He gets into a fight with Tarzan about bring humans to his jungle. He is also still angry at his father being killed and takes it out on his foster brother. At the end both sides are attacked by a herd of raptors.

So it skips five years into the future. The writers did an excellent job of showing what happened in these years without all the exposition. Since last issue apes are now being used as slaves. At least in Britain. Milo has adopted the name Caesar just like in the movies. It ends with both humans and apes attacked by raptors so we are left with another cliffhanger mystery ending.


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