“A Stranger In Paradise”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Brent Anderson and Armando Gil

Ka-zar has a surprise for Shanna. A new treehouse with indoor plumbing. This happiness is interrupted by the arrival of an expedition. A Dr. Cortland has arrived on a botanical expedition to the Savage Land. His trophy wife Ramona Cortland is a real bitch. She flirts openly with Ka-zar and this makes Shanna insecure. Ka-zar seems to have little interest in Ramona but is fascinated by stories of New York. Just when the expedition is about to leave Ramona gets into a fight with Shanna. She tries to shoot Shanna with her pistol but a stray shot ends up right in Ka-zar’s forehead. Dr. Cortland states that a doctor in Manhattan is the only one who can save him.

“Fly Now…Pay Later”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Val Mayerik

Zabu is a bit annoyed with Ka-zar. The young boy wants to keep jumping in a pool of water. He constantly chats and splashed Zabu when all he wants to do is get some rest. Zabu’s anger turns to worry when the expected splash doesn’t occur. A pterodactyl has grabbed the young Ka-zar and is taking him away.

This was an interesting turn for the series. It seems both Ka-zar and Shanna have reconciled and are getting serious with their relationship. This is interrupted by the arrival of the Cortland expedition. Ramona is a very rude annoying woman. It makes Shanna feel insecure even though Ka-zar shows no interest in her. I do love the realistic portrayal of this relationship. So once again a roadblock is put up in this relationship which is a great way to ratchet up the sexual tension. Of course the cliffhanger ending with the gang going to New York will give this series a change of pace. Ka-zar always seems to divide his time between the Savage Land and New York and this series is no different.

The Tales of Zabu was also good. It did a real good job of showing Zabu as an annoyed sabretooth who wants to just lie in the shade an rest but has to put up with an energetic young boy. This also ended in a good cliffhanger. The backup is short but to the point and quite interesting.

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