Writers: Tim Seeley and David Walker
Artist: Fernando Dagnino

2016 North America. Gorillas are hunting humans when Tarzan attacks them.
1902 Equatorial West Africa. A young Tarzan and Milo are playing when they are almost run over by a herd of Triceratops that then go through a white light. They go back to the village of the Mangani and tell their parents Zira and Cornelius. We then learn the brief history of how they got here. When they escaped the future instead of the 1970’s they ended up in nineteenth century Africa. They found the Mangani and taught them how to build a village. They also adopted an orphan human who they name Tarzan.

The boys take Cornelius to the place where the dinosaurs appeared. They then run into a party of white men capturing Kerchak the disagreeable bull ape. The party is lead by Tarzan’s cousin. Tarzan is knocked unconscious and Cornelius is shot. It ends back in 2016 with Tarzan being captured by the gorillas.

You know comics have really starting getting some cool crossovers. This has to be one of the coolest. The writers did an excellent job of sticking to the mythology of both stories. This is actually a plausible alternate story where Cornelius and Zira shoot back another hundred years. They find the race of intelligent Mangani and organize them into a semblance of civilization. Tarzan is raised by apes but intelligent apes so is not so uncivilized. He learned English and at the same time also learns the ape language. Milo grows up knowing his parents and has an adopted brother and the two are great friends. The ape dominated future portents that history has been somewhat altered. I recommend for any fan of either Tarzan or Planet of the Apes and lets face it who isn’t.

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