“The Talisman”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Jan Duursema

Tara is talking with the elder councilman about the recent events to take over the government. She looks outside and sees that Morgan and Graemore are dueling with swords. The fight is a friendly one but gets Tara upset nevertheless. So after Morgan and Graemore unwind with some drinks, Morgan gets the story of how he knows Tara. He and his parents were exiled after the relationship he developed with Tara. He tried to come back but was caught and whipped with the threat of execution for him and his parents if he ever came back.

Meanwhile Darvin is scheming to use the watch he got from Tinder to pass off one of his boys as the true heir to the throne. After delivering the message one of the boys on guard gets careless smoking and sets the place on fire killing Darvin. Morgan comes and finds the watch in the charred ruins which he give back to Tara. Tinder sees this and when he can’t get back the watch gets a place on a caravan heading out of the city.

“Moon Fall”
Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Artist: Jan Duursema

The small globe of light that burst out of the surface has driven Garn Danuth away but has the opposite affect on Arion. It comforts him and claims that Arion is its son. Garn figures that Arion was killed and so goes to where his corporeal body lies. He occupies it and takes care of the sub-men that are attacking Chian and Wyynde. Choloh also decides to not sit by and defies the balance to go off and rescue Arion.

This issue was one to sort of tie up loose ends from the conspiracy story. Morgan gets to know Graemore and finds that he still loves Tara. Graemore seems to know that he doesn’t have a chance against Morgan but rightly surmises that Morgan will leave her and he will be there. Darvin had a somewhat quick and surprising ending. I thought there would be more with him but you have to hand it to Grell that when he wants to end something it gets ended fast and efficiently. I was originally disappointed on not having Tinder reunite with his parents but in hindsight that was a good move. It wasn’t the right time and would have complicated Morgan’s story. So we will have to wait for the big reunion in some far future issue.

Arion is shaping up to be interesting. What is this glowing orb? Is it really Arion’s mother? It was hinted at that Arion was born of the cosmos. Garn Danuth has stolen Arion’s body so that will have to be resolved. It is announced that Arion has graduated from backup to having its own comic. So its appearance in Warlord is coming to an end for a well deserved promotion to its own series. Something that will be reviewed in the future.

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