Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

A horde of villagers are fleeing. First one way than the other. They are fleeing their village which is being looted by Taranto and his horde. Then they come upon Groo and flee from him. One enterprising villager comes up with a plan to use Groo to drive Taranto from their village. The villagers act friendly and after much cajoling convince Groo to attack Taranto.

So Groo charges into the village and Taranto puts on his phony friend act and gets Groo a feast. Groo is about to ask for wine but Taranto thinks that Groo has figured out his scheme and flees with his horde. So Taranto is planning his next move when they come upon Kayli. Now Taranto has heard the story she is supposed to be rich and looking for her father. He tries to impersonate her father but Kayli is too smart. Kayli eventually gets rescued by the parents of her little dragon friend. Groo eventually wakes up from his nap and thinks that he defeated Taranto. Kayli thanks Groo and continues on her way.

Taranto is a general of a brigand horde. He is always pretending to be Groo’s friend then trying to kill him. Of course his dealings with Groo always end in disaster and this meeting was no different. Kayli is a pretty good judge of character and very smart. I am looking forward to meeting her father.

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