“Royal Flush”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Mark Texiera

The double of Morgan is starting to show his true self. He drinks and is sullen. In a bad mood he strikes Tara who draws her sword and almost kills him. Morgan’s double has driven Tara into the comforting companionship of her childhood love Graemore. We get a flashback to how these two met. Graemore’s parents were booty from a successful war. The father could sew and the mother was an accomplished blacksmith. The father was literate so with these skills would teach the young king’s daughter. Graemore meets a young Tara and as kids the two start a friendship. A friendship that grows as they mature. The king exiles the family to put a stop to this budding romance. Meanwhile Tinder is reluctantly forced to guard the dungeon. Darvin extorts more gold from Praedor for keeping Morgan in his dungeon. Darvin also remembers where he seen the armband Tinder wears. It was on the queen’s arm. So he realizes that he has the true heir to Shamballah.

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Artist: Jan Duursema

Arion has awakened and is confronted by the powerful Balance. He is at a lose for what to do. Then from the image of the face of Cachulha comes power that floods him. His powers are restored. Then the mighty Cachulha his master appears. Arion’s loss of his powers were a test to teach the young mage humility. Cachulha casually sends the powerful balance away and tells Arion his origin. He was a child of the cosmos. Cachulha then sends Arion and his companions away.

Well this was an eventful issue. A lot of threads are starting to come together. Tara and Graemore start to rekindle their love. The conspiracy is about to end their charade now that they got what they wanted. Darvin realizes Tinder’s true heritage and Tinder is in a position to meet his real father. All this in an issue where the Warlord is absent in this own comic. Although the double plays a prominent role.

Arion is coming along. Not really sure what all is going on but it should get clearer with next issue.


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