“Daliva Means Forever!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Brent Anderson

Ka-zar has rescued Leila and Mele is overjoyed. He is invited to dinner and there learns that Shanna is married to Mele. Ka-zar is obviously depressed by this news but refuses to show it. Shanna herself is depressed that she is now in a loveless marriage but her pride refuses to admit that. Anyway the great hunt is on and Ka-zar is invited to participate. During this time Ka-zar and Mele begin to bond and Ka-zar starts to really like the humble Mele. The two go after a Styracosaurus and it goes over the cliff taking both of them with it. Ka-zar lands on a branch but Mele doesn’t fare so well. Ka-zar’s spear has impaled itself in Mele’s chest. Before he dies he gets Ka-zar to admit that he loves Shanna and will take care of her. Just then the other members of the tribe arrive and see Mele stabbed with Ka-zar’s spear. They think he did it and are about to kill him.

“In The Shadows of Man”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Gil Kane

Zabu has now grown into an adult sabretooth. While hunting he meets a female sabretooth. The two hit it off and soon kittens are expected. One day Zabu comes back and finds a blood trail. It leads to the man-ape’s camp and there is his mate impaled on a stake. Overcome with rage he goes after the man-apes and comes upon them as they are surrounding a young Kevin Plunder.

So Ka-zar finds Shanna but she is now married. Obviously both have deep feeling for one another but their pride keeps them apart. This is what I like about this series. The relationships are real and drive the story. How will these two will get together. It ends with a real dilemma for Ka-zar. The evidence does make it look like he killed a rival. Everyone can tell he has feeling for Shanna. Should be an interesting next issue.

The Tales of Zabu backup is also a strong addition. Now Zabu is grown up and once again he finds tragedy. You really feel for the poor fellow. So next issue he meets his brother Ka-zar.


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