“Pal ‘n’ Drumm”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Pal is using Drumm in the arena to make some money when he hears about the little girl that Groo is helping. The little girl with a huge inheritance. So they go off in search of this girl. Meanwhile Groo comes along and enlists as a fighter in the arena. Unfortunately all the other fighters quit and take off. This angers the crowd who wanted a fight so they tear up the arena.

Kayli at this moment is kidnapped by an unscrupulous man who sells orphans to the orphanage. Later while bragging about it he mentions that the girl was saying that Groo was helping her find her father. Everyone else has read Weaver’s story and go off to the orphanage. Kayli convinces the other orphans to lie and admit that Groo has been helping them so they will get adopted. It works for everyone except one really bratty girl. Even a large inheritance can’t sway them into adopting her.

Pal and Drumm find out about the girl in the orphanage and Pal comes up with a plan. He dresses up Drumm as a woman and the two pose as a couple. They end up adopting the bratty girl and Pal at the end realizes he has done something more stupid than Groo. Kayli now free of the orphanage comes upon Groo and thanks him for his help but that she would rather find her father on her own.

Pal and Drumm is a play on the word palindrome. These two are a pair of con artists. Pal is the brains and Drumm the muscle. Drumm in fact may just be as dumb as Groo if that’s possible. They usually try to make friends with Groo to use him in one of their schemes and then try to kill him. Once again they screw up. Interesting that Groo once again doesn’t cause any destruction directly but his presence manages to cause it anyway.

Kayli is now becoming a big part of the stories. She is also showing herself to be very smart and resourceful. She has learned from the characters she has met throughout this adventure. Really am enjoying this series.

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