“So We Meet Again”
Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Carlos Gomez

Sonja and Max confront Gath at the museum. Gath is revealed to have come to America back in 1893 and made a killing in the stock market. Subsequently assuming the identity of his son and grandson he continues to make money and buy up New York. Now he practically owns the city. He also has hundreds of fanatical followers. Max’s memory starts to come back. He was from Meru the city that Gath destroyed. He learned some magic and used it to transport him and Sonja into the future. Gath then summons the Demon Beast of Khauran which starts to destroy the museum. Max and Sonja hold it off so the innocent civilians can evacuate. It ends with the museum collapsing and Sonja and Max transported to safety using Max’s magical powers.

So now we get a lot of questions answered in this issue. Gath came a century ago and set himself up as a powerful businessman who owns most of the city. He has a bunch of kooky followers and plans to use the Demon to destroy New York and rebuild it as a monument to himself. Max is from Sonja’s time and the only survivor of the city of Meru that Sonja was trying to safe against Gath. So now that the sides are set up we can have a real battle.

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