“Double Entendre”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Mike Texiera

Travis Morgan has been imprisoned in the dungeon of Darvin while his double has assumed his place. He contacts his main backer Praedor who heads the conspiracy. He’s to back their position now while Morgan is kept in the event they still need him for a hostage. Tara starts to reconnect with her old love Graemore. Tinder starts his career of cutpursing for Darvin.

“Death By Fire”
Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Artist: Jan Duursema

Lady Chian and Wyynde attack the sub-men to stop the sacrifice of Arion. Its a daunting task since their numbers are endless and could overwhelm the two brave fighters by sheer numbers. Meanwhile Arion in a coma is in battle with three beings on the metaphysical plane. They call themselves the Balance and consist of Chaon, Gemimn and Tynan. They goad him to use his powers which in the real world are unleashed breaking the ice prisons that the three were encased in. This was their plan to get Arion to release their physical forms.

So this is more of an exposition issue than anything. The main character is basically a prisoner in an iron mask. His double has managed to fool everyone including Tara. Darvin is involved with the conspirators as hired help. Tinder is stealing purses. On the whole not much is happening but sets up an interesting conflict for future issues.

Arion is also somewhat of a slow entry. The fight he was in ends with the Balance being freed so this also sets up an interesting conflict for future issues. So two slow stories but needed to further the plot.

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