“Till Death Do Us Part!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Brent Anderson

After defeating Belasco Ka-zar and Shanna are having a fight. The fight upsets Shanna so much she isn’t paying attention and falls into the river. Ka-zar jumps in but hits his head and knocks him out. Shanna meanwhile is swept far down river. A python attacks her but luckily a man rescues her. He takes her back to his village and nurses her to health. The man is Mele and his daughter Leila are a peaceful race of people with tails. Shanna finds peace with these people. Then tragically Leila is carried away by a winged reptile. Mele is going to commit suicide since that is the way of his people when they lose all the people they love. Shanna is despondent and agrees to marry Mele. At the end Ka-zar comes with Leila who he rescued.

They decided to take a more leisurely approach with this issue. So we still have issues between Ka-zar and Shanna which inadvertently separate them. An interesting people that Shanna has found herself with. A very overly sensitive people who commit suicide when a loved one dies. Its understandable why Shanna would agree to marry Mele. Now she is committed and Ka-zar has found Mele’s daughter. So whats in store for their relationship? This is what has been driving this title and once again a big roadblock is thrown up. Makes for an interesting read.

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