“So We Meet Again”
Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Carlos Gomez

Sonja is discovering the joy of a hot bath in this modern world when she hears Max being attacked. She grabs an antique sword for the wall and jumps to the rescue. Max gets the motorcycle to leave and Sonja insists on driving. She is a fast learned and they careen down the streets. Max later seeks shelter at the bar that he found Sonja at. The bartender has a friend who is studying Hyborian history at Columbia. At the university she sees a picture of Kulan Gath who in this world is known as Hank Gault. Gault owns most of the city and supports the Hyborian department at the university. There is a fundraising dinner tonight and she arranges for Max and Sonja to attend.

At the dinner Sonja fits in since the servants are dressed as Hyborian warriors. Sonja doesn’t serve but she gets into a fight with Gath’s men. At the end Gath arrives and confronts Sonja.

The story is moving along nicely. Sonja is a quick learner and already speaks some English and can drive a motorcycle. She has friends who speak her language and she is confronting Gath. Transporting her to the modern era is turning out to be a great idea. Waiting for the confrontation with her old nemesis in next issue.

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