Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Mark Texeira

Joshua Morgan has made it to Shamballah after the Therans have killed his parents. He has taken the name of Tinder after his real name causes too much attention. His armband the Timex watch is also causing him grief. A gang of young boys are trying to take it. Just in the nick of time their leader Darvin a sort of Fagin type who controls the gangs of orphaned boys intervenes. He recognizes the armband and sees a great way of making money so offers Tinder a job.

Meanwhile his true parents are just blocks away in the palace. Morgan is about to get involved with politic. His ideas about freedom are not well received by the council who have a very medieval outlook on life. So Morgan storms out. He later sees his mate Tara greeting an old childhood sweetheart. He goes back to his room and feels he is getting old. An image of another Morgan confronts him in the mirror. When he turns he is knocked unconscious. A conspiracy is replacing him with a lookalike.

“Trial By Ice!”
Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Artist: Jan Duursema

Arion along with Lady Chian and Wyyndde the best of the royal guard embark on the quest to find Arion’s master Caculha. The quest takes them to the city of Taja. Once it was a seat of culture and learning before falling to the ice. Now it is inhabited by sub-men. The sub-men attack and Chian and Wyynde manage to hold their own. Arion on the other hand once again loses his magic and is taken prisoner. Chian and Wyynde pursue and come upon Arion about to be sacrificed by the sub-men.

A new chapter in Travis Morgan’s life. This one finds him hanging up his adventuring ways to settle in to court life. Grell shows through the wordless emotions how this affects him. Now he must be a politician and he doesn’t find it to his liking. He is also a bit insecure with the arrival of Graemore a minstrel who was a childhood sweetheart. He is feeling old and useless. Of course he is going to be replaced with a duplicate. Add the fact that his son is living on the streets and we are getting a story with intrigue and a touch of Oliver Twist. A different direction for the Warlord and one that shows a versatility in storytelling.

The Arion story is also taking an exciting direction. A quest to find his old master and recover his magic. Otherwise Atlantis is doomed to the ice age. We already get a glimpse in a possible future with the city of Taja. Wyynde is a great addition to the quest. A stoic native American looking warrior who is both fierce and sensitive. It ends like the main story with a cliffhanger. The story complements Warlord with the same sword and sorcery and we get the exploration and fights that are missing from the Warlord story.

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