Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Groo’s wandering takes him and Rufferto into a new land. This land has many difference people that speak different languages. This land is four kingdoms that have been united into one. Queen Nada was the one who forcibly united these kingdoms but her tyranny lead to her being deposed. The new queen rules wisely but Nada still schemes to reclaim her throne.

So she manages to recruit Groo into her army. This army attacks the castle of the new queen. Groo of course cuts through the opposing army and makes it into the throne room. There he finds out that the queen is none other than Chakaal the woman he is madly in love with. Well Groo the smitten fool switches sides and Nada is quickly defeated. Chakaal then pledges to hold elections so the people can choose their leader. Now all she has to do is somehow get Groo out of town.

Chakaal is a fierce warrior woman. She is also the woman that Groo is madly in love with. Chakaal is repulsed by Groo’s infatuation but respects him for his fighting skills. She always manages to use Groo to her own ends and is probably the only person in the world to do it successfully. In this instance she manages to neutralize Nada for good and transform the kingdom into a democracy. Groo once again strikes out much to the relief of Rufferto who is usually embarrassed by how Groo acts when he meets Chakaal.

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