Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Brent Anderson

Balasco has Ka-zar’s friends under his control. He tells Ka-zar his story. That he made a pact with elder gods from another dimension. They gave him great powers and immortality. He in return was to use a pentagram locket to open the way for them to come to Earth. He was going to use Beatrice in the ceremony but Dante stopped him. Now he will take Shanna as his bride and complete the ceremony.

So he first has Buth dropped from the cross he was pinned to and used as target practice by his demons. Then he has Dherk literally tear himself up. Finally Ka-zar is thrown into a cryogenic chamber. Dherk even torn to pieces recovers and deprograms Belasco’s control. He wills his severed hand to free Ka-zar from the chamber. Meanwhile Zabu rescues an injured Buth. Ka-zar with help from the blind descendants of Dante’s crew manages to escape the demons and confront Belasco. Just as the sky is torn asunder and the elder gods are entering, Ka-zar manages to throw the locket into the volcano stopping the elder gods. Belasco bursts into flames and plunges into the volcano.

“Tales of Zabu!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Gil Kane

Zabu is found by an old hyena who is scavenging for food. He takes Zabu back to his mate for food but his mate decides to adopt little Zabu. So Zabu grows up with his adopted family. The older hyena cub Jhet hates Zabu and the younger weak cub Fheta. One day on their first hunt Jhet kills little Fheta. Zabu fights him and ends up killing him. Now once again alone he wanders off.

So we come to the conclusion of the Inferno/Belasco story-line and it is a real shocker. Belasco looks just like Satan with horns and a tail. His hypnotic control of Ka-zar’s friends is quite sinister. Then he has Dherk tear himself apart and Buth killed. You wonder how Ka-zar will get out of this. Yet he does and we get a action packed conclusion. Loved the way Dante’s Inferno was used in this story. Buth at the end hints that since Belasco is immortal this may not be the last they hear of him.

The Tales of Zabu also comes along nicely. Zabu is adopted by hyenas and then loses his adopted family. A very sad life the little cub has and you really sympathize with Zabu. Two great stories with along of emotion.

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