“Children of the Damned”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Brent Anderson & Josef Rubinstein

Ka-zar and company are at the gates of Dis the City of the Damned. They are attacked by demons from the lake but manage to get through the gates into the protection of the city. Here they find some blind creatures living in pits that worship them. They also find a ships log written by Dante Alighieri. Dante left Florence in pursuit of Belasco an alchemist who kidnapped his love Beatrice. The chase brought them to Pangea and the Atlantean amusement park. Here he battled Belasco who was breeding demons with Beatrice. A sword fight ends when Belasco hits a pipe that unleashed freezing liquid that encases him in ice. Dante escapes this compound and makes it back to write about his experiences.

So the group continue on to rescue Dherk. They fight a minotaur and centaurs. Over a forest of talking trees harpies attack Buth who is carrying Shanna and Ka-zar. Ka-zar wakes up alone and continues on to the ninth level. There he finds Shanna dressed as a nun and under Belasco’s spell. He is then attacked by Dherk who is similarly under some spell. It ends with Ka-zar confronted by Belasco who looks just like Satan.

“Auspicious Beginnings”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Gil Kane

The first installment to the backup series Tales of Zabu. Zabu is a young cub just getting his first taste of the outside world. A butterfly piques his curiosity enough to go chasing after it. He then has encounters with a frog and the river and fishes. When he returns to home he sees the man-apes leaving. His mother and siblings have been murdered. He is chased away by the vultures who have come to feast on the dead.

Well this was a fun story with lots of stuff going on. They find out that Dante actually was there and based his poem on the Atlantean amusement park. They have plenty of adventures with their further descent into this complex. It ends with the revelation of Belasco still alive and breeding demons for world conquest. A villain who looks like Satan and already has control of Ka-zar’s friends. This series is really picking up steam.

The backup feature was also a great idea. Exploring Zabu’s life as a young cub has great potential. You already feel sad for him. He’s cute and already lost his family and now has to face a very inhospitable world. Of course we know he survives it but should be an interesting story.


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