“The Sage”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

The Sage who is the most intelligent man in the world has come to a village. The village depends on a bridge but the king charges exorbitant tolls. So the Sage comes up with a solution to build another bridge. Only the king’s army will tear it down. Well it just so happens that Groo is in town. The Sage can use Groo to scare off the king’s army. This works great but now what to do with Groo. The Sage sends him off upstream to look for another place to cross. Groo thinks that means to build another bridge. He comes to a village and inadvertently plans an idea for them to build a dam. He also causes a rock slide that starts the process of damming the river. So now neither the Sage’s wealthy backers or the king are making any money since everyone can just walk across the dried up river.

The Sage a wise old man who travels around with his dog Mulch and a jug on a stick filled with water. He is probably the only one in the world besides Rufferto who truly views Groo as a friend. If he is so smart the big question is why does he never flee when Groo is around. His well thought out plans are usually foiled by the disaster that is Groo. Here Groo ruins the Sage’s plan but once again in a surprising twist Groo actually has made things better. The villagers no longer have to pay tolls and the village upstream gets a much needed dam. A rare outcome for Groo to leave an area better off than before he arrived.

Oh and Kayli and her pet dragon are still looking for her father.

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