“Worlds Away”
Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Carlos Gomez

January 2017. Red Sonja finds herself surrounded by police. Confronted with a woman in a chain-mail bikini and brandishing a sword they assume she is a mental patient. So they subdue her and take her to the hospital. That job falls on Max who can actually understand Hyrkanian. At the hospital they are met by NSA agents. Max finds this odd that they would take an interest in Sonja. Sonja recognizes them from the tattoos they wear as followers of Kulan Gath. She escapes the hospital and ends up in Central Park with a stolen jacket. Meanwhile it is revealed that Kulan Gath is in the twenty-first century and heading a corporation.

Well this series is starting off to a great start. Obviously Sonja would be out of place in modern times. Sonja is confused but also intrigued by this new world. The cop Max also is a mystery. Why would his mother teach him such an old and dead language as Hrykanian. And finally Kulan Gath is well established in this time and has fanatical followers. I am looking forward to Sonja exploring this new world.


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