“Sorceress Supreme”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Mark Texeira

Morgan, Tara and Shakira return from their adventures and find Ashiya at Castle Deimos. Ashiya at first under the guise as Morgan’s deceased wife Rachel takes him by surprise. His daughter Jennifer intervenes with her new magical skills. She and Ashiya now battle one another and it looks like Ashiya will win. Jennifer manages to get in a final magical burst that sets off the Atlantean equipment. The power generator sends a lethal bolt of energy into Ashiya. At the end Jennifer decides to stay at Castle Deimos to continue learning magic as Morgan and company head back to Shamballah.

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Tom Yeates

Thiron is losing his fight with Quisel. Master Jarrand and Archmage Anne will not lift a finger to help him. Betrayed Thiron now fights for himself. Luckily he is immune to Quisel’s magic but is still getting his ass kicked by him. Just when it seems over the soul of the dragon merges with Thiron. They create a giant half-man half-dragon that kills Quisel. His death causes the castle to disappear. Jarrand and Anne are sad that Quisel is dead for he was their son and brother. Anne offers the ax to Thiron and her love so he could rule by her side. Thiron wisely declines since he has felt the soul of a dragon and knows what it means to be free. So man and dragon merge and fly off with the promise to come back if the world is ever in trouble again.

So all the loose ends have been tied up in the Warlord story. Ashiya gets her just deserts. Jennifer now is a sorceress and will remain a part of Skartaris. An interesting development and Morgan heads off back to Shamballah for what seems a more peaceful life. Of course that would be boring so you are left to wonder what is new in the Warlords life.

The Dragonsword also comes to a satisfactory conclusion. A surprise that the soul could merge with Thiron and become such a powerful dragon. Thiron and the dragon’s soul seem to have accepted one another and left it open for more adventures. Sadly this was the only backup feature in Warlord to never have been or become its own series. To my knowledge the Dragonsword has never appeared after this but who knows. They are always digging up obscure characters and giving them new life. Perhaps that will happen for Thiron and the Dragonsword.


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