Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Queen Grooella is in a dispute with the neighboring king Comino. They trade insults and when Comino goes to the worst insult of all, that Grooella is related to Groo, she looses her temper and marches the army off to war. Now Grooella’s army has high morale until they run into Groo. Groo decides to start attacking the army until they finally convince him that they are his sister’s soldiers. So Groo decides to join them.

Now Comino has planned this carefully. While Grooella’s army marches to where they think his army is located, they are going around them and heading straight for Grooella’s castle. The castle is defenseless. One of the ministers has an idea. Since Grooella looks like Groo she could impersonate her brother. The minister is immediately thrashed for his temerity of suggesting that she looks in any way like her brother. After careful consideration and she can see that maybe the plan will work. So she dresses to look like her brother and succeeds in scaring off Comino’s army. This army then runs into Groo and the returning army of his sister. Comino’s army runs back and takes shelter in Grooella’s castle. Groo also beats up his sister who he confuses as an imposter. Well it ends as any encounter with his sister. Grooella chasing after him trying to kill Groo.

So we meet Grooella Groo’s sister. She is definitely a foe. Since she was little Groo has been a bane on her life. His playing with fire ruined her beautiful hair into the frizzy style she has now. There is probably no one who wants to see Groo dead more than her. She is a queen and her kingdom has always suffered when her brother comes around. It always ends with her chasing after her brother with a sword. A very funny issue.

Also the Kayli subplot continues. She has bonded with a baby dragon and still looking for her father.


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