“Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Brent Anderson

Ka-zar, Shanna, Buth and Dherk have uncovered an opening to what looks like Dante’s Inferno. They have actually found an old amusement park ride. It does have an eerie similarity to Dante’s Inferno. First they get a ride across the river Styx by the ferryman Charon. Its actually a robot and the boat is moved by a chain connected underwater. So the robot has to be destroyed after it tries to kill Ka-zar.

So they arrive in Limbo or the ticket line. First is the second level of carnal sinners. Its actually a wind tunnel and quite fun. Next is a fight with Cerberus the three-headed dog. Cerberus throws Dherk over the cliff but the other manage to kill it. They are surprised that it is actual flesh and blood. Some more adventures with phony boulders and real human bones. At the Lake of Stygia they get another ride with the ferryman Phlegyas. They fight off real monsters and are left at the gates of Dis the city of the damned.

This was a unique idea having a trip through Dante’s Inferno. A cool idea to have it as an old Atlantean amusement park. This was just a fun story that had an enjoyable quest to explore this cool place. There was mystery on what is behind this place and a little education on an old classic piece of literature. Devious to educate in a comic book.


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