“The Sorceress’ Apprentice”
Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Mark Texiera

The Soviet helicopter comes to the downed MIG and disgorges a squad of troops. The troops are a bit surprised to find a man in a loincloth, a winged helmet and a sword. Morgan thought proves more than a match for the soldiers and takes them out. Then he throws the pilot out and takes the helicopter back to Skartaris. Meanwhile at Castle Deimos the witch Ashiya comes back. She needs Jennifer’s help in understanding the advanced machinery. So first she manages to remove the trauma that has been effecting her. Then she assumes the guise of Jennifer’s mother. She starts to teach Jennifer the mystic arts in exchange for knowledge about the machines. Morgan’s stolen helicopter runs out of fuel and he crashes it into the ice. Luckily he meets Tara and Shakira.

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Tom Yeates

Thiron along with Master Jerrand, Archmage Anne and squire Dysillus are transported to the castle of Emperor Quisel. There Thiron has to face various obstacles along his path. The skeletons of past champions now serve the emperor and try to stop him. A melting door that Thiron is immune to. Finally in the inner sanctum he fights the emperor. He is disarmed and knocked on the floor. His pleas for Anne or Jerrand to hand him his sword fall on deaf ears. They will not lift a finger to aid him and he must help himself.

So the first thing I noticed about this issue was that Mike Grell was no longer drawing it. He still was writing and did the cover but I noticed the change. After fifty some issues it was weird to have someone else draw this title. Texiera’s style was something I didn’t care for. It seemed blocky. Morgan’s loincloth looked like a skirt and he didn’t have his gun. Also he has a tendency to draw some odd looking nylon strip on Tara’s leg. Stuff like this just bugged me at first but he did improve in subsequent issues.

The story was good. Morgan fights the Soviet soldiers and steals a helicopter so we get him back to Skartaris without any further incident. The bright red uniforms the Soviets were wearing looked nice but not real authentic. Still I have no problem with a little artistic license. Ashiya coming back and teaching Jennifer sorcery was a fascinating development. The next issue will tie up all the loose ends to the storyline.

Dragonsword is once again excellent. There are hints that Thiron doesn’t know everything and his companions are interested in keeping him in the dark. Jarrand goes out of his way to silence one of the skeletons from speaking. Of course it ends with them giving no help at all so Thiron is on his own. The exciting conclusion will tie up this story too next issue.


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