“Arcadio the Hero”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Groo and Rufferto come upon Arcadio the hero battling two dragons. Naturally Groo jumps into this fray and chases the dragons off. Now you would think Arcadio would be grateful but he’s not. The dragons were ones he was training. Arcadio was going to go from town to town and sell his services in how to protect a village from dragons. The trained dragons were an important part of his scam. So the three go in search of the dragons. At the village Groo gets scammed into buying little lizards and attacking a man in a dragon costume. He hears that dragons are north so goes off in that direction.

Meanwhile Arcadio decides to start his dragon protection class without his dragons. While teaching the villagers Groo comes back with a baby dragon and the angry parents behind. The dragons destroy the village. This angers the villagers and they blame Arcadio who they run out of town.

Arcadio the Hero. A big chinned guy who has an ego to match. He is a bit overrated. Still he has managed to build up a reputation. The women love him and while he is brave he is also an egotistical ass. He treats Groo as a lackey and usually ends up taking credit for what Groo accomplishes. So it was great to see him get put in his place this issue. So once again a village is in ruins but Groo doesn’t get the blame. This is turning out the be a fun series.

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