“Back in the U.S.S.R.”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan is heading back from his epic confrontation with Deimos and runs into a polar bear. He manages to kill it with his pistol and speculates that it got lost and wandered into Skartaris. Later he finds out the truth that he is the one lost. For he comes upon the sun of the surface world. He forgot that the compass will point north any way he goes so close to the north pole. Before he can turn back a Soviet Mig fighter buzzes him. The fighter decides to open fire. Morgan manages to bring it down with is pistol. The story ends with a helicopter approaching. Meanwhile Tara and Shakira decide to head out in search of Morgan and leave Jenny in the care of Faaldren.

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Tom Yeates

Thiron has returned to King’s Isle and demands from the masters why his sword speaks with the dragon that he killed. The masters refuse and this gets young Thiron to challenge them. The head master opens a chasm and challenges Thiron to jump over it. When he does the chasm widens and he falls to his doom. But the Dragonsword has the soul of the dragon in it and can fly. So he manages to fly back and fight the master. Before the fight is finished a beautiful woman appears. Anne the Archmage and head of the school has arrived. She takes Thiron to her abode and tells him the story.

A long time ago the emperor Quisel made a pact with the dark forces to gain a battle ax. This ax is invincible and now the balance between light and dark is upset. The school has been searching for a warrior to take on the evil emperor. Now with the magical Dragonsword they believe that Thiron may be that warrior.

So this was a fun little side trip in Morgan’s adventures. He gets to visit the surface world and battle a Soviet Mig. Now that is a nearly impossible feat to take down a fighter jet with a pistol. Its understandable that he was so cocky after such a feat. Of course the pilot had friends and they are coming which makes a great way to end this.

The Dragonsword epic is rolling along nicely. Now Thiron is a young hothead which we get to see. I loved the test and his ability with this new mysterious Dragonsword. The dragon is very cryptic but consistent with his proclamations that Thiron is doomed. He also likes to pronounce his m’s as mmmmm. Dysillus the halfling squire is a great idea as the comic relief. I am looking forward to the confrontation with this evil emperor.

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