“Twilight of the Red Queen”
Writers: Brian Wood & Alex Cox
Artist: Hayden Sherman

John Carter and Dejah Thoris are living on the moon of Titan. It is a bleak place and it is thousands of years in the future. A ship arrives with some green men. They have come for their help. Barsoom is dying they say. A war of genocide is being waged by a dictator. This dictator Den Thokar is their son. A son that Dejah thought was dead. In reality John Carter faked his death. The boy murdered another child when he was little and apparently is a psychopath. He wanted to conceal that from Dejah who is not too happy about the deception.

So they both agree to go back. When entering the atmosphere the ship comes under attack and crash lands on the outskirts of Helium. This Helium has changed and looks like a ghetto. As they are about to leave Dejah takes off alone into the city.

John Carter has always been portrayed as a timeless figure who can’t remember being a child and seems to live forever. Burroughs established this mystical persona that every subsequent comic adaptation has stuck to. This idea of an actual end to his story is very intriguing. Here we have a visibly old John Carter and Dejah Thoris. They have been living the life of hermits on a bleak desolate moon. We find out this is because of their sons death. A son who is apparently a psychopath and now waging a genocidal war that is destroying Barsoom. Indeed our first glimpse shows a ghetto that is Helium. I am looking forward to how this series develops.

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