“This Savage World”
Writer and Artist: Mike Grell

A reprinting of Warlord #1.

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Tom Yeates

Young Thiron a recent graduate of King’s Isle is on a quest. He is to find a dragon and kill it with his new sword. He is accompanied by his squire Dysillus who is a talking ape. Thiron finds the dragon guarding his treasure horde deep in a mountain. The two then fight with Thiron jumping into the dragon’s mouth. Then he places his sword in the mouth and jumps out. The dragon shuts his mouth and impales the sword through his brain. Later at the local inn Thiron refuses the reward because he is unsure that the dragon is dead. For you see the dragon talks to him through his sword.

Well they decided to run a reprint of the first issue. At the time I was happy they did this because I had never read the first issue and it was good to get a look at Morgan’s beginnings. It is also a real good story and probably a good time to run it.

The new backup story also turned out to be a real winner. I loved this strange medieval world with dragons and talking apes. Both the dragon and Thiron are shown to be some sort of pawns in someone’s plan. Thiron seemed to be a good hedonist. He carries around a flagon of mead and goblets. He also will break the rules to have a good dinner at the local inn. The dragon imprisoned in his sword was an intriguing idea and I looked forward to the next installment.

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