Writers: Bruce Jones & Brent Anderson
Artists: Brent Anderson & Jerry Bingham

Ka-zar and Shanna have taken shelter in a cave for the night. They get into an argument over Shanna’s relationship with Dherk. Ka-zar is a bit jealous which then brings up the whole Leanne affair. So later at night Ka-zar wakes up yelling with terror. He had a nightmare. So he tells Shanna about the nightmare.

He finds himself in a village under attack by dark hooded riders. He fights one of the riders who turns out to be his father. He kills the man and takes his robe. Then jumps on the horse and goes out into the jungle. He comes to a flaming waterfall and goes through it unharmed. There are more dark hooded men to attack but Ka-zar defeats them. Then he leaves the building and finds himself in an arena with slaves tied to posts in a circle. At the center is a creature with tentacles. Ka-zar manages to free the slaves and kill the creature. The crowd turns to skeletons and the city crumbles. Shanna analysis his dreams.

So this story was a bit of a weird one. Still I liked it. It was obviously a dream so they could play up the surreal stuff which made it an interesting read. Ka-zar has a lot of baggage in his life to come to terms with. This is what makes this incarnation of Ka-zar the best. All the characters feel like real people. They have all sorts of issues and hangups. Ka-zar and Shanna’s relationship is quite a real one with all the problems with any relationship. Everyone in this series has a real personality that is totally believable.


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