“…By Fire and Ice”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Shakira have reached Castle Deimos and decide to ambush two people on horseback who have been following them. The two turn out to be Aton and Tara. After a brief struggle the two groups join forces and head off to the castle. Meanwhile in the castle, Deimos has Morgan’s daughter Jennifer who is now catatonic and had her hair turn white after seeing Deimos. Apparently a head mounded on a hand was too traumatic for her.

So Deimos summons Ashiya the witch who helped resurrect him. He needs her to send him back to the Evil One in Wizard World. Only he can restore Deimos back to his full body. So he goes to the Evil One and promises anything to get his body back. The Evil One agrees and after restoring Deimos they are attacked by Mongo, Machiste and Mariah come to free Sarrgon. The Evil One is still new to his powers and decides to take Deimos’s powers as payment. Then sends him back. The Evil One decides that he will also flee to fight another day.

Now Deimos is back with a fully restored body but no powers. Ashiya then shows that Morgan is coming. Good old Deimos decides to ingratiate himself with Ashiya by offering to make her his queen. She sees through his pathetic act and leaves him but not before telling him that he failed in killing Morgan’s son. So now Deimos has to rely on his Atlantean weapons and Morgan’s daughter.

When Morgan and company enter the courtyard Deimos shoots Aton with a laser rifle. Morgan comes after him but is forced to come out in the open when Deimos threatens his daughter. Deimos’s servant who has developed feelings for Jennifer intervenes which allows Morgan to shoot and damage the laser rifle. Deimos then flees on horseback. Morgan follows him into the arctic wastes. His horse dies and he passes Deimos’s dead horse. At a derelict ship he comes on wolves attacking Deimos. He rescues him and takes Deimos to the ship where he starts a fire. When Deimos recovers Morgan pulls his pistol to shot. Then smiles at Deimos’s terror and holsters his gun. With a wave he kicks snow over the fire and lets the wolves devour Deimos.

Well the big five-oh. Naturally you have to do something special and Grell comes up with a satisfying story. Finally Deimos is dead. Aton is dead which is sad. Still Aton was a character I couldn’t see doing much with so it made sense to kill him off. What was important is the closure with Deimos’s death. I loved the way he let his hate go and just left to let the wolves take care of him. So now some major plot points have been resolved. Deimos is finally totally dead. Morgan has come to terms with his evil. His daughter Jennifer is found but mentally damaged. And in Wizard World the Evil One is someone who has to be dealt with in the future. A very satisfying story.

On a personal note this issue has a lot of sentimental value to me. In place of a letter column was a brief synopsis of all the 49 issues. At the time I was missing most of them and became quite intrigued at getting the back issues. So I started what would become the mental illness of comic book collecting. A condition that seems incurable and will probably be with me from the rest of my life.


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