“Captain Ahax”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Groo has just vanquished an army but the villagers are not in a mood to pay a reward for said service. The army was there to protect them from Groo. He decides to go off and find a place that will appreciate him. Which in all honesty doesn’t exist. So he heads to port with his dog Rufferto to find a ship. Captain Ahax just happens to be there and goes into a panic. Every ship he has ever captained has been sunk by Groo and now he’s there to sink his new one. The crew jumps ship and it looks grim for Ahax.

Then he has a brilliant idea. If the ship is doomed to sink then he can use it to work for him. He goes and takes out a hefty insurance policy. Then he sells the cargo he’s carrying since it won’t reach its destination. Finally he sells the ship with possession going to the seller when it reaches his destination. Oh and he gets a new crew by promising triple wages and all the rum you can drink.

So with this all lined up he sets sail with Groo on board. Only problem is Groo doesn’t sink the boat. He sinks a pirate ship that attacks them but the ship arrives safely in port. Now Ahax faces arrest for selling his cargo and not being able to pay his men. No insurance and he sold his ship cheap. As Groo leaves he takes his sword that he left in a hole he made. The ship sinks although too late to benefit Captain Ahax.

This series will spotlight Groo’s friends and foes that he has made over the years. Now Groo’s only true friend is Rufferto. It gets off to a great start with Captain Ahax. Ahax has the record for captaining the most ships sunk. All of them by Groo who as everyone knows is a jinx. Any ship he steps on is bound to sink. The only way it won’t sink is if Rufferto is with him. His presence counteracts the jinx. So poor old Captain Ahax once again loses his ship and while he comes up with a brilliant idea there was one fatal flaw. Groo can mess up any plan.


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