“Brief Encounters”
Writers: Bruce Jones & Brent Anderson
Artist: Brent Anderson

Shanna wakes up to the Savage Land covered in snow. She doesn’t understand why Ka-zar doesn’t seem excited. We find out that this is an illusion. Later Shanna has another vision of rising flood waters. Ka-zar is worried that she might be losing her mind. An attack by a giant scorpion then gets his attention. He kills it but gets nicked by its stinger. Even a little nick is deadly and Ka-zar falls into a deadly coma.

Shanna finds out that her visions aren’t a figment of her imagination but shared memories with Dherk. Dherk is an Atlantean scientist hooked up in a machine. The machine keeps him in suspended animation but for periods of time he can project himself out of his body and sometimes even physically manifest himself. Shanna is linked to him because of the mind transfer device used on her by Leanne. Dherk has fallen madly in love with Shanna and makes a deal. She can join him in suspended animation and he will lead her to a cure for Ka-zar. The journey proves too hard and Shanna collapses. Dherk brings her to his laboratory. Then he brings the cure to Ka-zar in the process sacrificing his own life.

So once again we are introduced to the Atlantean connection to the Savage Land. Dherk seemed like a real tool but surprisingly redeemed himself with saving both Shanna and Ka-zar. Dherk’s secret lab will be a link for future stories on the Atlantean connection. Also wasn’t a bad story on its own. This series is starting to explore the mystery of the Savage Land.


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